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Over the years through its livelihood programme, Right Path has successfully empowered community members and families of the Jinja Northern division to attain financial stability and independence through its livelihood programme. The programme offers training, resources, and support to community members, enabling them to acquire new skills, start their own businesses, and secure better-paying jobs. The impact of this programme has been profound, transforming the economic circumstances and improving the quality of life of many community members.

How Right Path programmes have helped community members in Uganda

The entrepreneurship training and microloans provided by the Right Path Livelihood programme have been instrumental in helping community members start successful businesses such as small retail stores, restaurants, and service-based enterprises. These businesses not only generate income for the owners but also create job opportunities for others in the community, resulting in improved living standards and basic needs provision for families.

Right Path also focused on empowering women in under-resourced settings, offering programmes tailored to their unique needs. The gender-sensitive entrepreneurship training provided by our team has led to the creation of many women-owned businesses, contributing to economic growth and family income.

Right Path Livelihood programme in Uganda

Marginalized Community Growth and Development

Overall, the Right Path livelihood programme has made a significant impact on community members, empowering them to attain financial stability and independence. Through entrepreneurship training, micro-loans, and programmes focused on women, community members have been able to start businesses, secure better-paying jobs, and improve their economic circumstances, leading to overall community growth and development.

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