Sakabusolo Struggling With Teenage Mothers | Right Path

By Edwin Wanabe – Programme Director, Right Path

The Covid-19 pandemic left thousands of households across the World worse than before and Sakabusolo in Jinja and other areas along the shores of Lake Victoria are not any better. Sakabusolo, being a slum, has many households struggling and can barely afford the basic requirements. Young girls were often forced into sexual acts and early marriages to fend for the needs of their families while others couldn’t go back to school for lack of menstrual hygiene management products.

In addition, there was a marked increase in teenage pregnancy within the Busoga region in 2020 (49.3% is 67/136). A total of 290,219 teenage pregnancies were recorded from January to September 2021, translating into over 32,000 monthly. With these statistics, the needs of teenage mothers are overwhelming to the extent that they can’t take care of the children given birth. Every parent is a mirror in their children’s upbringing so holistic interventions can benefit children in an equitable manner because children’s development occurs in stages and development is a function of both maturation and learning. However, if the environment limits such opportunities, children will be unable to realize their potential regardless of how much environmental stimulation they receive.

Let us aid the vulnerable children in the communities they call home, by helping them improve their livelihoods.

Published in the SundayVision May 29, 2022

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