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In a world plagued by conflict and turmoil, backing female leadership for peace is paramount. Women have long spearheaded peace efforts despite facing adversity and neglect. Their invaluable contributions, though often overlooked, are essential for achieving enduring peace. Supporting women in leadership isn’t just ethically right—it’s also strategically wise.

As we commemorated International Women’s Day 2024 under the theme “Invest in Women’s and Girls’ Leadership and Participation for Peace,” the Right Path, through its Gender Justice program, has been a driving force for societal progress. We’re dismantling stereotypes and fostering an environment where everyone can pursue their goals freely. Initiatives like Girlcare transcend mere programs; they’re movements empowering women and girls, preserving their dignity, and dismantling long-standing barriers.

Support Female Leadership in 2024

Engaging school girls in crafting reusable sanitary wear from locally accessible materials sparks empowerment.

We acknowledge that women bring diverse perspectives and enrich decision-making processes. Emphasizing dialogue, empathy, and collaboration, Right Path promotes inclusive conflict resolution that prioritizes community needs and fosters sustainable solutions.

We firmly believe that supporting female leadership enhances the legitimacy and effectiveness of peacebuilding endeavors. When women engage in hope restoration, peace negotiations, and decision-making, resulting agreements are more likely to address conflict root causes, promote reconciliation, and safeguard human rights. Additionally, women’s involvement in post-conflict reconstruction fosters resilient and inclusive societies.

Economically empowering women through programs like Livelihoods isn’t merely about equality; it’s a prerequisite for sustainable peace within homes and communities. Investing in girls’ education unlocks societal potential for progress and prosperity. Research consistently shows that countries with higher gender equality levels are more peaceful and resilient to conflict.

Moreover, championing female leadership is crucial for challenging ingrained gender norms that perpetuate violence and discrimination. By removing barriers to women’s participation and leadership, we pave the path for a fairer society where everyone can thrive.

Ultimately, supporting female leadership for peace isn’t just a moral obligation; it’s a strategic imperative. In navigating the complex challenges of the 21st century, leveraging women’s full potential as change agents is crucial for building a more peaceful, inclusive, and sustainable world. Let’s acknowledge women’s invaluable contributions to peacebuilding and ensure their voices shape our collective future.

Right Path marked this day with an open discussion on gender-based violence, advocating against it, and promoting investment in women and girls. Embracing inclusion isn’t just about acceptance—it’s about fostering belonging, relevance, and empowerment. When women are included, they feel empowered, and when we inspire others to value women’s inclusion, we create a better world together.

Support Female Leadership in 2024

Sparking Dialogue on Gender-Based Violence, Championing Equality, and Empowering Women and Girls

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