Child Rights

Children’s rights are human rights. Children must be treated with equality, respect, and dignity, not because they are “the future” or the “adults of tomorrow”, but because they are human beings today and all humans are born inherent with fundamental freedoms and rights.


Education is crucial for children at every stage in life and acquired knowledge is an asset that keeps the world alive and flourishing. When a child’s imagination is open, impossibilities turn to possibilities hence following the Right Path for their future.

Gender Justice

Gender justice is not only a matter of basic rights but a key means of achieving fairer societies and overcoming poverty. We need a human economy that works for women and men alike, and for everyone, not just a fortune few.


Marginalized communities face many challenges in their quest to provide a better future for their children, this economic pressure causes them to resort to solutions that are not in the best interests of their children.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Our WASH programme is forthright: we advocate for clean, reliable, and safe water, WASH-related infrastructure such as latrines for our target communities as well as sensitize school-going children.