Right Path places emphasis on protecting children and their rights. In Uganda, thousands of children experience abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence which derails their development. Children in marginalized communities are most vulnerable as they are less likely to receive crucial support from adults thus making them unable to exercise their rights. Yet the Convention on the Rights of Children brings with it a commitment, indeed an obligation, to undertake rights-based advocacy that is informed by children’s status as rights-holders and their entitlement to health, family support, education, equal and just treatment not as a matter of charity, but of a legal right.

Collectively embracing the Right Path’s child protection and rights campaign, Children are guaranteed their right to enjoy being children through their ‘voices’ defining the issues and being involved in creating solutions, individually, as well as empowering every child to negotiate power structures so as to realize their rights, or collectively, to influence decision-making that affects their lives and/or those of other children.

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