Within our Education thematic area, we actively contribute to the dissemination and implementation of government policies. We accomplish this through a comprehensive three-pronged strategy. First, we engage in capacity-building initiatives and provide mentoring support. Second, we develop locally tailored learning tools to support education. Lastly, we enhance Early Childhood Education (ECE) centers and collaborate with local authorities and stakeholders. Our ultimate objective is to ensure the delivery of high-quality and culturally relevant Early Childhood Development programs.



Early Childhood Development

Giving Children a solid start in Life – Children’s futures depend on their early years. They need loving caregivers, safe homes, intellectual stimulation, social and educational opportunities, good nutrition, and health care.


Build Capacity of Stakeholders

Right Path awakens innovation among ECD teachers, Centre managers, and the community at large by opening their eyes to all the resources in their surroundings and showing them how they can be converted into learning aids.