We provide psychological support, build their capacity and work towards awakening innovation by opening their eyes to all the resources in their surroundings and showing them how they can be converted into learning aids.


This programme equips ECD teachers with alternative new educational ideas, products, and pedagogical approaches to improve the quality of lifelong learning. Right Path unites ECD teachers through collective workshops where creativity and innovation awakening skills are explored and practiced through one-on-one coaching sessions geared towards the appreciation of the triangular relationship between the learner, learning, and materials (locally made at either low/no cost) because each is equally important in the creation of an interactive learning environment.

Our teacher support programme strives to increase pupil literacy outcomes by providing teachers with pedagogical approaches, engaging learning aids, and ongoing individualized support.

Why teacher support

To do away with the mentality that ECD training is for those who failed to further their education but rather for those who understand children and the opportunities in the environment that can be tapped into. Children are best prepared for a better start in life if classrooms are led by enthusiastic, inspired, engaging, and interactive teachers.

Right Path provides ECD teachers with innovative training resources to boost their delivery of the national curriculum (Learning framework), as well as empower them to be more direct teachers rather than indirect because children in their early years prefer active learning to develop life skills beyond academic learning for the reason that academic learning is just a fraction of what children need for optimal growth.


They are a governing body of a school/centre and are empowered by law to manage the school and centre on behalf of the Government. There major roles and responsibilities are three, i.e. administrative, supervisory and consultative.

Management committees work with parents, teachers, children, communities, district officials, and local leaders on behalf of the Government to ensure effective teaching and learning, effective staff welfare, a conducive supportive child-friendly environment, and daily school/centre governance.

Our interventions build their capacities to enable them effectively execute the above functions.

Why management committees

They work with the Centre administration, parents, and community for the success and sustainability of the Centre.

They ensure proper management of the Centre on behalf of the government by making sure that the teachers, parents, and children carry out their specific roles, duties, and responsibilities.

Mobilize resources needed by the school/centre by involving all stakeholders in the development of the school/centre programs.


Being the first line of response for child protection, its involvement in any ECD intervention is beneficial in all areas of optimal growth and development for the children because children grow emotionally, intellectually, and physically through both their relationships and the communities they call home.

Right Path engages in community mobilization, and awareness creation among parents about ECD, so as to stimulate communities to start ECD interventions that are appropriate to their children’s age brackets.

Why community mobilization.

In the communities, there is an attitude that ECD is either a waste of time or an issue for high-income and affluent families.

Sustainability and ownership of any community interventions are only guaranteed when community members actively participate in initiatives geared towards a supportive environment.