Right Path has offered over 10 capacity-building sessions for various institutions/organizations, for emotional assistance, and enhancement of abilities, such that they strive to ignite creativity by helping stakeholders recognize the various resources around them and illustrating how these can be transformed into valuable tools for learning.


This capacity-building initiative provides Early Childhood Development (ECD) instructors with fresh and innovative educational concepts, tools, and teaching methods to enhance the overall quality of continuous learning. The Right Path program brings together ECD educators in collaborative capacity-building workshops where they delve into creativity and innovative skill development. This is further reinforced by personalized coaching sessions, aiming to foster an understanding of the interconnected relationship between the learner, the learning process, and locally crafted materials, often at minimal cost. This interplay is crucial for creating an interactive and effective learning environment.

Our capacity-building program is dedicated to supporting teachers and aims to elevate pupil literacy achievements by equipping educators with effective teaching strategies, captivating learning resources, and ongoing personalized assistance.

Right Path’s Reason for Investing in Enhancing Capacity

Changing the perspective that associates ECD training with individuals who didn’t succeed in advancing their education is crucial. Instead, it should be recognized as suitable for those who possess an understanding of children and can identify the potential within their surroundings. The most effective way to ensure children have a strong foundation for the future is by placing them in classrooms led by passionate, motivated, captivating, and participatory educators.

Right Path offers inventive training materials to enhance the teaching abilities of ECD instructors, enabling them to enrich the implementation of the national curriculum (Learning framework). This capacity-building empowerment aims to transform them into more proactive educators, focusing on direct interaction. This shift acknowledges that during their formative years, children thrive through hands-on learning, fostering life skills beyond mere academics. Academic knowledge represents only a fraction of what children require for optimal development.


They constitute the administrative authority of a school/center and are legally authorized to oversee its operations on behalf of the Government. Their primary duties encompass administrative, supervisory, and advisory tasks.

These management committees collaborate with parents, educators, students, communities, district authorities, and community leaders on behalf of the Government. Their objective is to guarantee efficient educational processes, the well-being of staff, a nurturing and favorable atmosphere for children, and the routine management of the school/center.

Our efforts focus on their capacity-building such that they proficiently carry out these responsibilities.

Right Path’s Reason for Empowering Management Committees

They collaborate with the Center’s administration, parents, and the community to achieve the Center’s success and lasting operation.

Their role involves effective oversight of the Center on behalf of the government, ensuring that teachers, parents, and children fulfill their designated tasks and obligations.

They gather essential resources for the school/center by engaging all relevant parties in the formulation of programs for its development.


As the primary point of contact for safeguarding children, its participation in any Early Childhood Development (ECD) initiative contributes positively to all aspects of children’s optimal growth and advancement. This is because children undergo emotional, intellectual, and physical development through their interactions and the environments they are a part of.

Right Path is actively involved in mobilizing communities and raising awareness among parents regarding ECD. This aims to inspire communities to initiate ECD interventions suitable for the specific age groups of their children.

Right Path’s Reason for Investing in Community Mobilization.

In various communities, there exists a belief that Early Childhood Development (ECD) is either unproductive or relevant only to wealthy and well-off families.

For any community-based efforts to endure and be successful, it’s essential that community members play an active role in supporting initiatives that foster a nurturing environment.