For Early childhood development (ECD) promotion,  Right Path collaborates with various stakeholders by equipping local learning centers with handmade educational materials. Additionally, Right Path focuses on fostering play-based learning to protect disadvantaged children, enabling them to thrive in nurturing environments. This includes enhancing their ability to interact positively with people and their surroundings, utilizing locally sourced materials that are safe, suitable, and engaging, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

In addition, Right Path was once contracted to design early childhood development locally crafted learning tools specifically for refugee settlement children aged 3-8. These tools were to offer numerous opportunities for children to explore and understand their world, develop valuable social relationships, and enhance cognitive and communication skills.

In its efforts, Right Path places a strong emphasis on preventing violence and exploitation among children aged 3-8. It employs a combination of interventions, both within homes and at learning centers, to strengthen the bonds between caregivers and children. This approach also aims to improve family financial stability by implementing supportive initiatives and infrastructures that promote love and security rather than despair.

A core principle of Right Path’s approach is its holistic perspective on Early Childhood Development. The organization collaborates with existing structures to ensure the long-term sustainability of its programs.

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