Right Path collaborates with various stakeholders in promoting ECD through play-based learning and upholding the welfare of the marginalized children through strengthening their capacity to protect themselves in friendly environments as well as providing quality pluralistic and contextually relevant integrated Early Childhood Development services i.e. ensuring that children interact in a healthy manner with people and the surrounding, locally made materials at a low/no cost that is safe, appropriate, and stimulating, support adults who socialize and interact with the children through the play-based learning approach, make available safe space to facilitate freedom of movement and advocate for the provision of adequate and quality food rich in all nutrients.

In doing so, Right Path places emphasis on the prevention of violence and exploitation of children aged 3-8 years as well as combining home and centre-based interventions aimed at strengthening caregiver-child relationships, and family economic security through the provision of supportive initiatives and infrastructures that let love flourishes rather than desperation.

We also advocate for a holistic approach to Early Childhood Development working with the existing structures for the sustainability of our interventions.

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