Our initiative is aimed at spreading awareness around Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM), breaking people’s silence on the issue, providing Girl clubs with sustainable and equitable access to appropriate Menstrual Hygiene Management products, and creating supportive environments where they can manage menstruation without embarrassment or stigma. The Right Path menstrual hygiene kit includes; a bucket, a pair of reusable sanitary pads, a small towel, and a bar of soap.

studies have shown that the percentage of adolescent girls who are forced to be absent from school range from 50 to 75% 

…. those who do not use sanitary pads are 5 times more likely to be absent than those who use sanitary pads

The situation is grimmer in the under-resourced communities, in that most women and adolescent girls lack adequate menstrual hygiene materials and safe spaces, to make matters worse, some local communities still consider menstruation as taboo, causing young girls and women discomfort, anxiety, shame, and restricted movements to the extent that, majority of the adolescent girls end up skipping or even dropping out of school.

The program also advocates for girl child education.Read More